Car Accident Checklist

Car Accident Checklist: What to do after a Car Accident

Car Accidents happen when you least expect them. By knowing what to do after one happens, you’ll help keep the driver and yourself safe. After a car accident, there are a few steps that are recommended to make sure that the victim of the accident is taken care of. Please see below for a few things to do after a car accident.

1. Remain calm. It helps you stay in control of the situation.

2. Ensure you and your passengers are OK. Look for any injuries, and then call for help. If someone is seriously injured, stay with them, but if they are able to walk, encourage them to do so.

3. Move as far away from the roadway as possible, but remain at the accident scene. If the car is not drivable it should be towed and put in a safe place. If there is a fire, get away from the vehicle and call for help.

4. Call the police and wait for them to arrive to report the accident.

5. Contact your insurance company and report the claim. The sooner your insurance company knows about the accident, the sooner they can begin to resolve your claim.

6. Exchange information with the other driver involved in the car accident. It is important to document everything that was damaged in case there is a dispute over who is at fault for the wreck.

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